Manuel Pandalis


Manuel Pandalis is an internationally-published photographer currently based in Hamburg. He is fascinated with documenting the beauty of human beeings.

His work has been featured various advertisement campaigns and editorial publications.


"Manuel Pandalis doesn’t just shoot black and white portraits. 

However these contrasting portraits are so striking and well juxtaposed i just had to write about these instead. 

I originally found manuel’s work when his agent came by with some portfolios for a breakfast book view. I chomped on croissant and stared, mesmirised at his huge collection of colourful, ultra-chic fashiony spreads.

Anyway, his work hopefully reminds us that we are all beautiful. beauty can’t be found in just one face; we allhave a little piece of it in one way or another.'  


Project 'Marc van Dalen'

Since 2006 Manuel Pandalis publishes parts of his work as 'Marc van Dalen'. He has chosen this alter ego due to the fact that his real name very often is misunderstood as 'Van Dalen' in Germany.  The works are considered to be 'art' or so called 'nude art'. 

Find out for yourself:

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